And so it 


In 2015 following a rather large nudge from my wife I started the first theatre night in Watford. 

In fact, that’s where the name came from. 

It was to be a themed evening based on the location - The LP Cafe.  The subject 'records & vinyl'. 


Also known as ‘WAX’.

Theatre On Wax was born...


The clips on this page are from a short film Otoko to kitsune (The man & the fox) that featured in the first Theatre On Wax night in 2015.

Set in feudal Japan It told the tragic love story about a man who fell in love with a kitsune - a magical fox.  (I'm sure we can all relate to that!)

From the first night to now, Theatre On Wax has gone onto make award winning music videos, theatrical installations in a Grade II listed museum, parades for local councils, puppet workshops, acting workshops and more. 


In 2018, our award winning Short film Heaven's Rage was shown all across the world from the UK to USA, Europe, Iceland, India, Africa and Pakistan.

It doesn't stop there.

Theatre On Wax is looking to the future with new films, new theatre and new opportunities with musicians, bands and companies in the UK and across the world.

You can be part of the evolution

Theatre On Wax


I am Watford born and I love my home town. 


My Dad was a lorry driver and my Mum worked in a canteen.  In fact, she served tea to Graham Taylor and Watford FC.  


My parents said I was a bit of dreamer (I think my Mum still does). I think I was just imaginative.  Maybe we're both right. 


I am an artist, an actor and a puppeteer.  I have worked on feature films including Labyrinth, Superman IV and Frankenstein.  I have also worked in warehouses, offices, restaurants, shops and health care.

Of course, a lot of life happened in transition from this to that.

A fair few birthdays, love, life, loss, laughter and marriage (there wouldn't be Theatre On Wax without encouraging spouses).

Life is the time we take in-between the stories we tell.










Theatre On Wax's directive is to engage on projects that are distinctive and idiosyncratic. 


Stories that are not derivative but markedly innovative in all manner of ways.

We have developed our creative process through telling the stories of Theatre On Wax. Now, Mark Crane’s distinctive vision can bring the story of your brand or band to life with an original, eye-catching  commercial or  music video.

Mark has worked for the big companies like Pinewood Studios, Shepperton Studios, American Express, Hitachi and Pizza Hut.


He has worked with smaller ones too – like the NHS Trust, Watford Council and bands like Corolla, Mikado Soul, Nervus and Witness Protection.

Building relationships with our clients and creating something distinctive, innovative and collaborative.


This is what we love to do!

''There’s something alluring that strikes a chord within the video.''

Love this! What is it? What does it mean? Watch & meaning unfolds without logic, entering on a deeper level.  Mysterious and beautiful.

Lillian Howan


‘’Magical transformations with a promenade performance and a thrilling installation.’’

Sarah Priestley

Watford Museum

Mind you,

it is brilliant!

Louder Than Words

Brilliant! Paganistic & haunting.




Part of me is still that dreamer of a child who made stories with my toys.  Recreating scenes from my favourite films or just building new ones with my imagination.  


I like to think that when I create something it can be for some greater good.  That our shared but elusive human condition can be transformed in a positive way.


Great commercials and great music videos are born from collaboration.  I'm genuinely excited about hearing from you about your product, your business or your music.  

Let's see how we can help each other.

Welcome to

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