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First shown at Watford BIG Word Fest and written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek to a sold out audience at The LP Cafe.

It is 1967 at the Desilu Studios in Burbank California.  Two actors get a job on the sophomore season of a little show called Star Trek.  


Set against the backdrop of an America on the brink of the abyss.  The Vietnam war, race riots, peace marches and probes to the moon. 


Forlorn Hope is a prescient story of friendship, race, love, war and peace.



First performed in 1993 in St.Albans.  Re-written and performed at Nighmares On Wax at The LP Cafe for Halloween.


The ghosts of the past haunt the living.  The ghosts of the dead haunt the mind.  This terrifying, enigmatic killer has a date in hell.



Multi billionaire and eccentric Miruton Watanabe has every rare lp record ever made.  Except one.  Double Fantasy as signed by John Lennon the day he was shot and killed.


Miruton confides in Laura, his mannequin.   Part musical, part fantasy we follow his unsatiable obsession with LP records, his unrequited love, his dreams and the nature of isolation when you have everything you can possibly want except love (featuring the short film The Man & The Fox).



As part of Heritage Days 2015 Mark and Theatre On Wax were commissioned by Watford Council and Watford Museum to make something specifically set within the Grade II listed building.

A retelling of Carlo Collodi's Pinnochio using a predominantly female cast.

The story would serve as a coming of age story and site-specific interpretation using and commenting on Watford, the museum, it's history and the town at large.

Featuring puppets, video and hanging installation, an aberrant fairy, a perspicacious cricket, a macabre rabbit and a cannibalistic fish man.

Original soundtrack and sound design came courtesy of Ell Kendall and Tom Fox.



Graduating from drama school in 2005 with fellow student and friend Beverly Parry Thin-King Productions was formed in Brighton.

An idea had been forming and seemed derivative following the release of Bubba-Ho-Tep in 2002.  The film features the story of Elvis in an old peoples home.

However, when it became clear that whilst we shared a common premise our stories were uniquely different.

The part of DORA was specifically written for the late BAFTA AWARD WINNING Dora Bryan.  In a major coup for us at the time, she agreed to be part of the play having fallen in love with the script.  In addition, the part of ELVIS would be played by acclaimed actor Keith Drinkel.

Elvis was found lying unconcious on his bathroom floor in 1977.  The king is DEAD!  Or was he?  In 2005 Elvis would have been in his 70's.  At Grace Land retirement home in Sussex a great secret is about to be revealed.  Who is the American Jesse Garon and what is his secret.

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