Lead singer Em Foster of Nervus describes the song FALL APART as a cry against how we continue to test the limits of our planets ability to cope with pollution and capitalism destroying our resources and way of life whilst governments and corporations seem unwilling to address the situation.

Theatre On Wax's video takes its lead from just four paragraphs of the 1st Century poem Metamorphoses from Roman poet Ovid.  Daedalus and Icarus.  The prevailing wisdom of 'Don't fly too high' keeps us from reaching too far, preventing arrogance and keeping you in your class structure. 


However, the other part of the advice from Daedalus is, 'don't fly too low to the sea'.  Don't be too humble, don't be so submissive.  Be curious, be courageous and fly as close as you can because you don't know what your limits are.

Oppenheimer said when talking about the nuclear bomb 'I am become death, the destroyer of worlds'.  Perhaps we have become Daedalus, able to create almost anything but trapped in an environmental labyrinth of our own making.

FALL APART was selected in over 10 festivals and was nominated for best music video at MEDFF, Semi-Finalist at Indie Best Film Festival, Finalist at Seemor Film Fest UK, Winner of Best Music Video at Moody Crab Film Festival in India and Best of Festival at the Reel Puppetry Film Festival in USA.

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