Song produced by Lauren Deakin Davies

Minnie Birch & Cian Davis

This stunning cover of 'John Barleycorn' by Minnie Birch and Cian Davis (Molly & the Beekeepers) was produced and recorded by Lauren Deakin Davies (NMG producer of the year).  Mark had previously worked with Minnie on a previous Theatre On Wax night in 2015 and asked her to cover the song.

The song features in the award winning film Heaven's Rage.  


"John Barleycorn" is a British folk song and is represented as suffering indignities, attacks and death that correspond to the various stages of barley cultivation, such as reaping and malting.  

Minnie Birch Buzzfeed's 'one to watch' and nominated as Fatea song of the year with 'Sangatte'. 


She creates achingly honest and beautiful music about love, loss, life and fairy tales and was the perfect fit to reinterpret this classic folk song.

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