Heaven's Rage is based on the novel of the same name by  author Leslie Tate.


Leslie Tate's memoir is by turns an elegy for a lost childhood, a tribute to the power of literature and a demand for the right to identity in world that turns too easily on those who differ from the conventional.

Theatre On Wax's short film is a visionary reinterpretation of the autobiography as pure cinema.  At times dreamlike and otherworldly and at others beautiful yet elegiac.

Semi Finalist at Weird Wednesdays DE, Germany, Nominated best film Bute Street Festival UK, Nominated Best Cinematography - James Melrose, Best LGBTQI Subject and Winner of Best Experimental Film at the Jim Thorpe Film Festival, USA, Nominated Best Cinematic Writing - Mark Crane & Leslie Tate Blackbird Film Fest, Cortland USA.

The film features music from Minnie Birch and Elliott Kendall, Cinematography from James Melrose, Starring Leslie Tate, Daniel Dunn Production Design from Sheelagh Frew Crane, VFX by Amin El Zamor, Sound Design by Jason Pinches and mixed by Ben Beheshty.


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