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Is inspired by the novel VIOLET by Leslie Tate.

Beth’s journey into otherness which she has thought about so often, took her over. Set beyond time and place we follow her as she comes to terms with an ambiguous future after escaping a relationship with a dark, charismatic minister.

Love and faith are renewed in her future with the kind and charming James but time is nebulous and opaque. Facing death Beth discovers a world where light and shadow come together, where the dark makes the truth hard to see, of violet and a journey beyond the realms of heaven on an ocean to a world without a sky where love can be eternal and life can be lived more fully than ever.

The realms and lives (and afterlife) of the characters will be brought vividly to life using Bunraku puppetry, shadow puppetry in a Japanese style fable about faith, love, death and the afterlife from Award Winning Theatre On Wax.

Hello friends, it is with some regret and I guess it would come as no surprise to you that YOZAKURA - our upcoming film based on the book VIOLET by Leslie Tate has now been delayed due to the world crisis - Covid-19.

It truly is unprecedented times and whilst the suspension of a project is not big news, it is courteous to let all my supporters know that it was an inevitable decision since so many people will be directly involved and in close contact.

I am currently in isolation with the rest of you and I do hope you and all of your loved ones are safe.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get into contact with me. I would love to hear from you.

Once again, please observe social distancing, stay inside and watch your favourite films, read your books and let's protect our NHS.


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