I want to create beautiful stories with all of my work.  Something distinctive for me and unique for you.  I want people to love your content as much as I love making it.

About Me

Director. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 


  • In 5 years Theatre On Wax has grown from a scratch theatre night to having music-videos, narrative drama shown around the world, multiple nominations and winning awards.


  • Mark is a puppeteer and all of his creations are designed, hand-made from scratch, constantly evolving and have appeared in three nominated/award winning music-videos.


  • Mark started out as runner on Jim Henson’s Labyrinth and went onto work on various films from Superman IV, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Judge Dredd, Roger Rabbit and Nightbreed.

  • He studied Special Effects make-up in New York USA

  • Mark trained at drama school in Brighton and appeared in several plays and promenade theatre.

  • He employs a wide skill-set from scriptwriting, cinematography, editing and colour grading.

A life is not revealed by a list. 

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Best of Festival - Reel Puppetry Film Fe

Official Selection

Theatre On Wax's narrative and music-videos have been screened in over 30 festivals worldwide. 


FINALISTb - SeeMr Short Film Festival An
FINALIST - Indie Best Films Festival Ibe
SEMI-FINALIST - Reel Puppetry Film Festi
FINALIST - Melbourne Short Film Festival
JUDGES CHOICE - Watford Film Festival -
SEMI FINALIST - The Shortest Nights Shor

A long time ago in a...

Cinema in Watford watching Star Wars at 8 years old set me on a path.

Eight years later and I was working on Jim Henson's Labyrinth - Shielding David Bowie from artificial rain, seeing Christopher Reeve for the first time in full costume on Superman IV.

​I grew older and I wanted something else and within three years I was applying prosthetic make-up, mixing blood on Nightbreed and eating my packed lunch in Gotham City. 

My somewhat short lived career ended in the 90's working on Frankenstein and finally Judge Dredd.  Time had moved on and I had grown up.  I wanted to tell my own stories and I left the industry behind to pursue these goals.

Closer you must look...

I worked for companies both corporate, commercial, public, private, retail and health work.  Attended drama school, performed at the Venice Bienalle, Brighton and London, filmed in the New Forest, wrote plays and more.

I also suffered kidney failure and it truly scuppered my plans.  It can do that.  However, time and one transplant later does make a huge difference.

In 2015 with some encouragement from my wife, I created Theatre on Wax.  A no-budget, scratch theatre night.  My inner 8-year-old was restored (except he was older).  All of that love, curiosity and joy has spilled into my work and over the past 5 years since that opening night at The LP Cafe  Theatre On Wax has grown to accommodate my passion. 


Mind you,

it is brilliant!

Louder Than Words

''There’s something alluring that strikes a chord within the video.''

Brilliant! Paganistic & haunting.


Love this! What is it? What does it mean? Watch & meaning unfolds without logic, entering on a deeper level.  Mysterious and beautiful.

Lillian Howan



Always in motion...

I have composed nominated and award winning content for my narrative work (Heaven's Rage), music-videos (Nervus, Mikado Soul, Minnie Birch and Corolla).


As Theatre On Wax continues to mature, I have included commercial and private sector work conceiving narrative based installations for Watford Council and its museum.

I would like to do more.


Let Theatre On Wax help tell your story, revealing the beauty and love of your music or find a way to share your passion and belief in your product or service.

Far, far away...

​I value my work so much.  It is with great pride and joy that I do it.  I can bring all of that to your passion too.


Sometimes we can't always find the right way to tell our own story but together we can open up a path to some great content.

​There is a part of me is still sitting in a faded, red cinema seat in Watford, with the smell of popcorn in my nostrils waiting for the expectant murmur of chatter to slip into the dark as the new worlds are illuminated on the screen.

Come, join me for some popcorn and let’s make some beautiful worlds. 


Fun facts about Mark

  • Mark supports Watford FC.

  • Has an unusual love of porridge and eats it every morning.

  • Had a staring contest with Robert De Niro

  • Got run over after watching Ghostbusters instead of Gremlins.  

  • Dressed as Batman got lost on a fun run for charity

  • Went to the UK's first ever Comic Convention

  • Companions - My lovely wife Sheelagh, two cats Smudge and Florence.  I like to think of my lost companions and family too.  Like my beautiful pets like Lizzy, Lilly, Dusty and Florence.  My wonderful Dad, Uncles and friends.  I miss and love them all.

  • Weakness - Donuts

  • Strength - Broccoli


No handlers, no PA Firewalls.  When you contact Theatre On Wax you’ll get straight through to Mark.


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