Woe to puppets who refuse to obey their creators...


Shadow Town OST

As part of Heritage Days 2015 Mark and Theatre On Wax were commissioned by Watford Council and Watford Museum to make something specifically set within the Grade II listed building.

The original concept was a story set in Watford's past.  A small child from the slums unleashes the towns past on the opening day of Benskins purchase of the brewery in what was planned to be ''Into the smoke & out of the mirror''.  Set to feature the late Graham Taylor and a contribution from Monty Python Terry Jones in one of his last recorded performances.  Sadly, the play did not happen due to various factors but what emerged was 'Shadow Town'.

A retelling of Carlo Collodi's Pinnochio using a predominantly female cast.

The story would serve as a coming of age story and site-specific interpretation using and commenting on Watford, the museum, it's history and the town at large.

Featuring puppets, video and hanging installation, an aberrant fairy, a perspicacious cricket, a macabre rabbit and a cannibalistic fish man.

Original soundtrack and sound design came courtesy of Ell Kendall and Tom Fox.

Theatre On Wax. All rights reserved. COMPANY NUMBER:12333400